Our Pet Family
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Sammy May 1980Noel 10/84Tim with Fred & Noel 12/84Sammy & Noel 1985Michael & fishing buddy Buster watching bobberBuster inspecting the bassBuster licking bassBuster, Molly & Paul, ready to goMollly & Buster taking a napBuster & Molly sleepingDaisy 06/00Buster & DaisyMolly 06/00Buster & Molly playing with holly 11/00Buster & Molly getting caught 11/00Daisy, Buster & Molly 12/25/00Buster 06/00Molly 06/00Noel 06/00Noel 06/00MollyMolly in "Her" chair, with parasol of course 09/01Molly 01/06Molly & Chester 04/07Chester 05/07Heather's first day 06/02/07Georgie & Heather 06/02/07Heather 06/02/07Molly & Heather 09/07Katie 01/13/08Katie 01/13/08Molly 01/13/08Noelle 01/13/08Noelle 01/13/08Katie 11/08Noelle 11/08

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